mute «myoot», adjective, noun, verb, mut|ed, mut|ing.
1. not making any sound; silent: »

The little girl stood mute with embarrassment. Mute did the minstrels stand To hear my story (Longfellow). Mute was the room—mute the house (Charlotte Brontë).

2. unable to speak; dumb. SYNONYM(S): See syn. under dumb. (Cf.dumb)
3. not pronounced; silent: »

The “e” in “mute” is mute.

4. Phonetics. articulated as a stop; produced by the complete momentary closure of the air passage: »

The “p” in “hop” and “play” is a mute consonant.

5. without speech or sound: »

a mute refusal of an offer, mute astonishment.

6. Law. (of a prisoner) making no response when arraigned: »

to stand mute.

1. a person who cannot speak, usually because of deafness or loss of or damage to the tongue or vocal cords.
2. a clip or pad put on a musical instrument to soften, deaden, or muffle sound.
3. a silent letter.
4. Phonetics. a stop; mute consonant.
5. an actor who plays pantomime.
6. Law. a prisoner who fails to plead to an indictment.
7. Archaic. a hired attendant at a funeral: »

I saw the coffin, and the mutes, and the mourners (John Galt).

1. to deaden or soften the sound of (a tone, voice, or musical instrument) with or as if with a mute: »

He muted the strings of his violin.

2. to soften or subdue (a color); tone down.
3. to keep silent; suppress: »

He does not mute his own opinionatedness and egotism (Punch).

[alteration (influenced by Latin) of Middle English mewet and muet < Old French muet < Latin mūtus]
mute´ly, adverb.
mute´ness, noun.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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